Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to art. 5, d. Lgs. 185/99 and subsequent amendments and additions, the customer who has the qualification of consumer has clear and unconditional right to terminate the contract, without penalty, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of goods. For the proper exercise of the right in question, the customer must send – Via STICKERSLAB.COM Sporzana 7.43124 Parma (PR) within the period indicated a communication by registered letter with return receipt or by telegram or telefax later confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent within the next 48 hours, indicating also the Bank crediting of the amount; failure to observe the formalities and time limits will make it impossible to exercise the right in question. Upon receipt of the notice concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal STICKERSLAB.COM will contact the customer to agree on how to proceed with the surrender of the goods which must be carried out without delay within 14 days of receipt of notice of the surrender instructions. Not later than 14 days after receipt of the returned goods will be credited STICKERSLAB.COM amount received by bank transfer with the coordinates specified by the customer, holding, in accordance with the law, the expenditure for the transportin regard to return, if not borne directly by the customer, and any costs for the restoration of the original packet, if damaged. As provided by art. 5 paragraph 3 and art. 7 of the d. Lgs. 185/99 and subsequent amendments e/o additions remain excluded from exercising the right of withdrawal:

-The supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

-The provision of audio-visual products or computer software were unsealed by the consumer.

-The supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines.

-Perishable products

It is not possible to exercise the withdrawal only on a part of the purchased product. The product purchased must be returned in its original packaging including any accessories, packaging of goods and documents (instructions, accessories etc.) and must not be damaged for reasons other than transportation, under penalty of loss of the right of withdrawal. The product must be carefully packed in a box to avoid damage to the original packaging affixing labels or adhesive tapes. The product liability is borne by the consumer until delivery to STICKERSLAB.COM unless the return is not done by courier or freight forwarder in charge directly from STICKERSLAB.COM in case the returned goods with carrierappointed directly by the customer from being damaged during transport for the return, STICKERSLAB.COM will inform the customer within 5 working days from receipt of the goods, the incident in order to allow the customer to dispute what happened to the carrier chosen by him and activate the procedures related to compensation, compensation and e/o will make available to the customer the right to return and will cancel the request for withdrawal. In any case STICKERSLAB.COM will respond in any way e/o damage loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments. On receipt of the goods at the warehouse, will STICKERSLAB.COM the checks on goods for suitability integrity; If these are damaged for reasons other than transportation or without original packaging including internal packaging or without accessory parts part of the goods delivered (instructions, accessories etc.), it will promptly notify the customer by pleading the revocation, for the effect, the right of withdrawal, and by returning the goods to the customer with the resulting charge postage. The return of the goods to the supplier, must be requested in writing, with an indication of the reasons for the request, citing the references of the invoice. The return of goods must be made subject to authorisationsation and assignment of "number of return". The goods to be returned must be in perfect condition, in its original packaging and shipped carriage paid to our warehouse, citing the document, the indentation amount assigned.